How can I help?
You can help Ukrainians survive this winter by providing us with equipment that the Ukrainian energy workers will use to restore our electric power system. Alternatively, you can send us money to purchase equipment we need.
Who gets donor money?
These funds are for Ukrainian energy facilities that have suffered from russian shelling. All this money and equipment will be used to address the consequences of missile strikes and get electricity back to Ukrainians.
Where can I see your specific needs and what my money will be used for?
The website includes a special section with a list of equipment we need, including its description, quantity, and price.
How do I know exactly how donor funds are spent?
We keep a report section on our website to post details of the restoration of the energy infrastructure funded or assisted by our donors.
What equipment is most critical?
Primarily, we need high-voltage equipment such as transformers, high-voltage overhead power lines, etc. See a complete list of the most critical equipment here.
How can I offer my help?
You can offer your help in two ways. You can call the number posted on our website or email us, describing help that you can provide.
Besides, you can fill in a feedback form stating your company’s name, your contact details, and the equipment you can supply. After that, our staff will get back to you.
Sign up on our website to help restore the damaged power infrastructure of Ukraine so that we can contact you and start our cooperation right now
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